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Rpw &c.

I have three jobs.

One is retail. I really used to look forward to going into work. I thought it was interesting, a lot more than my old job of computering. I liked the people. This was two weeks ago.

After most of us seasonal people were let go, it was automatically less fun. There was no Filipina girl to flirt with, my writer buddy was booted, and other nice people were suddenly gone. My department hired two of my two least favorite people. There had been a bit of drama earlier. Suddenly there was a lot more. It feels kinda high school. Then there's the pressure to sell credit cards, which are of course bad. The discount is nice and I suppose it's material for writing.

At least I have the sales job which pays a lot more and there I am my own boss. The products are also fantastic. They are good for you. Then there's the event marketing job which pays a bit more than retail and is easily the most fun but is only occasional.

A thing I bought:

A rebounder trampoline, one of those little ones. $100, not bad. I use it a lot. I loooove cardio. I feel a lot more energetic and I've lost some weight. It also allows me to watch tv/movies/videos, which I never make time for.

A thing I have:

A writer's group! It's a post NaNo thing. We've only met once but it looks good. The three others who attended write fantasy too. There are at least two more people, one of whom is writing a culinary thriller so I'm glad there's some variety.

The long term plan is to keep working my three jobs (I don't want to go back to database programming) and write my damn book and sell it and become famous. Right... Allow me my pipe dream.

I am poor. I kinda wish I had more money so I could date.

Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain
The Hobbit
Chekhov long stories

Seattle Art Museum on Saturday.
Seven days of work next week, two are 12 hour shifts, two are 10 hours. I only worked two days this week so it's good to get some money.

Claiborne, my favorite brand

Chapter 2 of my sell out, high fantasy novel. I wonder if there is a market for my point of view?

RPW things

Kicking and screaming, I finally gave in and got a smart phone today. I won't be able to text while driving anymore so I guess that's good. I like playing internet radio on it. Have you heard the Luxuria music station? You should give it a listen. It's very retro chic. http://www.luxuriamusic.com/

I could use it to read a book whilst waiting in line but I already listen to podcasts on my iPod when running errands. I couldn't find a game I wanted to play but I found a chess puzzles app so maybe that will help me not suck. The GPS will probably come in handy but I think a purpose-built car unit would have been better. If I need to do something computery, I'd rather use my laptop. I'm just not a fan of smartphones and tablets. Apps are too dumbed down. I got this because my old phone doesn't work on Virgin Mobile. Virgin is $35/month. I am a cheap ass bastard now.

The Ozark Trilogy by Suzette Haden Elgin.
It's a countrified, futuristic fantasy. Sounds strange, no? I heard good things about it and the narrator's voice is strong and interesting. I'll be glad to follow her along on her quest.

Horse and Rider magazine. I got a subscription for research. I wish I could take riding lessons.

Not a lot. I have a bunch of free time now because the Philippines Aunt took my mom back home for a 3 month holiday. I still have no job so I can't exactly run wild or anything. My Aunt thinks my mom should move there permanently. It was what she'd been planning before the stroke. I'm worried about the care she'd get there.

I'm hoping to get a callback soon from JC Penney about the interview I had for seasonal work. I'd forgotten that the Apple Store exec went to JC Penney. They're going to have roaming cashiers with iPod Touches to ring people up and there's a new business philosophy. It would be nice to work there and get discounts on yellow Fiesta Dinnerware.

Long johns, a cap, and still using my buddy's down jacket because I am FREEZING in this huge drafty house. I am too cheap to run the furnace for just me so I hide in my room with the space heater which I still don't run a lot because it's wasteful. Sometimes I go to the library for their free heat.

In the long term, I wanted to move to New Mexico but my smarter-than-me-phone tells me temps there are below freezing at night. Zomg, where can I live? I do not know anymore. This is going to be a long winter.


mom's been feed and the senior center bus has picked her up. i think i'll go back to bed now.

Nausicaa (manga) 
I'm enjoying the heck out of this. I'm not a big animu/mango fan but Nausicaa is my favorite anime movie. I love the flying. The hippy tree hugging stuff is good too.
King Lear 
My second favorite Shakespearean play after The Tempest. It's research for my book. I'm trying to expand my Elizabethan vocabulary.
Homeland: The Dark Elf Trilogy, Part 1 (Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt, Book I) (Bk. 1) by R. A. Salvatore. 
Well isn't that a mouthful. That's how Amazon lists it. This is also research. Since I'm writing fantasy I suppose I should read more of it, like this for instance since it seems pretty popular.
next: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami 
A random FB friend mentioned that Hunger Games was ripped off from this. I watched the movie version of Battle Royale and yeah, Suzanne Collins really ought to be paying royalties to Takami. That said, I'm still cautiously looking forward to the Hunger Games movie.
On eventual employment. I'm sending out resumes.
Friends' band is playing tomorrow. It isn't my kind of music but I haven't seen any of those guys since I got back so I'll make the effort. 

Editing the second half of chapter one for submission to my horrible writing group. I got crit back from the facilitator. It was tiny and not helpful.
My nice, long, wool jackets have been bedbug decontaminated. I've been looking like a schlub wearing my superwarm puffy jacket that I got from Ross Dress For Less for $15 which is already falling apart. I need to buy a needle and thread.



Harry Potter #7 was a pretty impressive finale. Good job JK Rowling. I'll watch the last two movies this weekend. On an odd note, I have on my laptop a supposed pdf of the book which isn't anything like the real book. Someone wrote around hundreds of pages of fake Harry Potter and put it on the net as the real thing. wtf ppl. 

After the HP high point, I couldn't bear to start reading something meh so I'm rereading Lord of Light by my hero Roger Zelazny. Have you read Roger Z? You really ought to. He's so damned good. Lord of Light won one of his six Hugos. He also got three Nebula awards.

A food truck by the chef from my favorite restaurant. One of my buddies says it's excellent.
A friend wants to get wasted Saturday at a horrible bar. I really don' wanna.
Did Hunger Games rip off Battle Royale? I'm going to track down a copy of BR to see.
Idk what else I'm doing this weekend yet. I'm not sure I get this weekend off. 

The first part of my forest story was well received at my new writing group. As well as it could be, considering the critique format. It's poetic, they liked it, and I should describe the dogs physically. This is the extent of the crit I got. Le sigh. I'm not sure I want to bother submitting the rest of the chapter and returning next month.

I want to hit the wide shoe store to find some cool boots that don't pinch my feets and hopefully are waterproof. Waterproof is a good idea here.


Harry Potter #7
i'm glad i reading the series. i had been kinda anti- because i'm loyal to my childhood favorites, prydain and narnia.   now i'll finally be able to watch the sixth movie. maybe next week i can watch last movie.

John Dies At The End by David Wong
it's pretty hilarious. he's an editor at cracked.com. it's kinda long but i should have it done by the time the movie comes out. maybe. i'm a slow reader. i like short books...

Legend by David Gemmell
solid sword and sorcery recommended by a friend. it isn't fantastic enough for my taste but it's an enjoyable read.

i'm off to see the Lorax movie. i hope the adaptation doesn't make me die inside. 

the upstairs toilet is mostly fixed. which is to say that it still doesn't work. i got the tough parts done so it should be finished tonight. plumbing is zero fun.

my sister is on holiday this weekend so i'll be at home with mom. at least i don't suck so badly at playstation as i did a couple days ago. i thought my run and jump game was going to be impossible for me to finish. i still suck at the driving game but that's nothing new.

guitar practice
piano practice
editing chapter 1 of the forest story

one person pestered me for my pages of the forest story. i finally gave in so i'll find out if what i've written is horrible. i like it when i'm writing it but away, i have some doubts. 

my faux aviator jacket
slim but not skinny jeans
black vans
a dark paisley button down under a tawny orange jumper




It was a cold night with the heater off but I didn't want it to maybe catch fire as we slept. I texted a bunch of people this morning and because people here aren't New Yorkers, they know about house stuff like furnaces. The consensus was to turn it on and let the water burn off. I did and it smells less burningness now but maybe I'm used to it? lol

I finally got twelve pages ready for writers group. I just discovered I can't get the printer to work. I used my mom's Linux desktop, installed drivers on my Mac laptop, and tried two different USB cables. I wonder if this is one of those built in expiration dates that printer manufacturers use. What a scam. I already discovered you can't print wirelessly at the library. You have to reserve a computer.

I am disappointed. I could still go but my heart isn't in it. I think I'll stay in tonight and suck at videogames for awhile then revise some more pages. I was writing in first person because it's easier to get in my character's head. There's some language I want to use that the MC wouldn't say and info that she shouldn't know so I have to edit everything into third person. I don't mind. I like editing. It's easier than getting the words down on a blank page.

le sigh

Mom made alarmed sounds and I went to find that the toilet wouldn't stop running. The gushing water was disfortunately disappearing down somewhere. On top of that, there was a burning smell. WTFFMLBBQ.swf. After I wedged the water off, I turned off the heater in case the water was going down the vent into the furnace. Idk what else to do about it right now.

Now that that's over, it's time to revise my pages to submit to writer's group tomorrow.

Oh, I dug my Playstation 2 out of bedbug decontamination. I'd forgotten I suck at videogames. Good thing I didn't buy an Xbox.


i just booked my return flight to seattle. :.(
i <3 nyc.
i will try to come back someday.


how i spent my summer vacation

i may have fallen in love with oregon again. it is beautiful there, most especially the trees, and it is the land of my childhood. i am the type of person who seeks themselves through their past as well as their future. rediscovery is a key word.

one problem, the weather is rubbish in the largest cities--portland and eugene. i need to find out more about medford and ashland which are close to the cali border and have sunshine. ashland has a big ol' shakespeare festival but i am an english major not a theatre geek. idk anything about medford.

ideal scenario: summers in oregon, autumns and winters in nyc. spring in new mexico? weekends on the planet venus, christmas in norway, dinners in italy, and so forth.

one rediscovery: bill hicks is my hero, again.


i've fallen off the earth's face but i'm still alive. i've been writing the YA fantasy novel regularly (thank you to the program that turns off the interwebs) and apartment hunting for july. i've seen some cool spaces so that's been fun to see how people live. i realise now that i had it pretty good in my newly renovated williamsburg apartment between the L and JMZ.

i took a hard look at my unemployment budget and i'm going to be one of those assholes that said yes to a place and then said "oops sorry". i suck. i will apologise.

hopefully i can find something still despite my unemployment. i know that's a strike against me but i have a budget that i live within and i've been willing to provide my bank records to show i've maintained a stable $6k savings cushion.

wish me luck.